KryptosSculpturePuzzle  Solution

                                                                                                       PUBLISHED HERE
                                                                                                             JULY 30, 2010
                                                                                                         5:00   P.M.   E.D.T

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                               Dedicated to:
                             Martin Gardner


                       Welcome to my website!

                       I am hereby submitting:

My entry into the KryptosCipherPuzzle Competition.
I believe that my solution is the first correct one to be published.
If this were a race, the moment of publishing would be the final
all-out kick to the finish. A moment of intense committment.
A risky moment, when you find out if you have what it takes
to break the tape at the finish line.

Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay were the first to reach the
summit of Everest and return safely. Three days earlier, two others
had climbed to within 300 feet of the top. Here, public disclosure
of the solution is the solver's safe return after his moment at the summit.
It's the finish of the marathon and posting of results.

I am submitting my work for review by my peers: Puzzle Solvers
and Amateur (HAM)  Radio Enthusiasts. I hope you all enjoy it.

   In science, a discovery is usually first submitted to a journal
for confidential peer review.  Experts check results and point
out gaps or typos which the submitter may correct before
publication. Publication is the bedrock of science. Peer review
is its foundation. However, that process doesn't seem to apply
here, and timing is everything.
   Mistakes may appear in my solution, yet the KryptosSculpture
Puzzle itself has mistakes, some of them intentional.
Let us proceed ethically, with fair play. I will strive to give
specific credit, wherever credit is due, bearing in mind that
the runner who breaks the tape wins the race, and the tape
breaks at the moment of voluntary public disclosure/publishing.
   Publishing is the difference between chemistry and alchemy,
between science and self-deception.
   Publishing is to science what getting down is to the mountain
climber. I am rather inclined to think personally that maybe
it is quite important,  the publishing.

   As a famous and respected puzzle and cipher scholar has written:
"It is also worth mentioning that in the scientific community,
it is not so important who does something first, as who does it
and tells the world that they did it, in a timely manner,
so that independent third parties can verify and confirm the
solution."  (ElonkaDunin, cipherpuzzle expert)

I am announcing and publishing here the following:
--My visual solution to the sculptural puzzle as a whole.
--My decrypting/decoding of PART IV of the puzzle, including
   the method of encoding/decoding.
--My translation, analysis and interpretation of PART IV.
--My speculation at the whimsical puzzle-within-the-puzzle-
   within-the-puzzle hinted at by the artist.
--Historical research of the events depicted in the puzzle.
--The overall meaning of the KryptosSculpture Puzzle.

   I encountered the KryptosCiphertext in a U.S. News and World
Report magazine: "Secrets of the Lost Symbol", dated May, 2010,
a partial reprint of a 2009 "Wired" magazine article written by
Steven Levy.
   I have visited the public areas of ElonkaDunin's well-promoted
and impressive website, and several others.  I'm not connected with
the KryptosGroup or any other solving group. I'm not a spy or secret
agent or little green man. I didn't use a computer  to solve this
puzzle  (except for Googling and typing).
   Puzzle Solvers and Hams are the best.
                                   Again, enjoy!

                             Bill Steele    7/30/2010

                      No computers were harmed
                    during the solving of this puzzle.
             The margins are fermatted for making notes.
   I reserve all publishing and duplication rights to my solution.
                        ON TO THE ANSWERS !


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